We’ve got
your back. 

Insurance is meant to give you peace of mind… 

So then why is your heart rate up? Is it because you’re dreading the sales pitch? Or sifting through convoluted terms and conditions? Or is it because you feel like insurance companies are in it for them and not for you?

We hear you.

At Janzen Insurance, we’re a bunch of people who care about other people. Yes, we love to geek out about insurance, but what we’re really passionate about is helping you: giving you the advice you need so you can make the best decision for yourself.

And that gets our heart rate up.

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  • We have had our insurance at Janzen for over 3 years. We find the team professional, friendly and very easy to work with. They have saved us money by bundling our insurance packages and utilized the relationships they have with their providers to always provide us the best value and service. We would highly recommend using Janzen Insurance for all your insurance needs.

    Laura Kalenuik
  • Janzen has been handling my operating business, real estate, and personal insurance for several years (I'm really not certain how long it has been but more than 5 years). They are responsive, effective, and very knowledgeable. They are all I've ever wanted from an Insurance broker: 1 handed advice, Suggestions that preserve my capital, and responsive when needed.

    Jeffrey Goldberg
  • Excellent customer service for all your insurance needs. Janzen takes the time to find the best fit for your family and business needs.

    Brad Hughes

Making insurance more human

For over 25 years, we’ve been a fixture in the heart of White Rock, providing trusted, expert insights to help you
make decisions that are right for you. Are you ready to experience the difference? Give us a call, pop by for coffee, meet us for lunch. We’re here to make the time for you and make sure that your needs are covered so you can go about your day knowing someone’s got your back.

Because for us, real personal relationships are the fanciest of all algorithms.