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Insurance is meant to give you peace of mind… 

So then why is your heart rate up? Is it because you’re dreading the sales pitch? Or sifting through convoluted terms and conditions? Or is it because you feel like insurance companies are in it for them and not for you?

We hear you.

At Janzen Insurance, we’re a bunch of people who care about other people. Yes, we love to geek out about insurance, but what we’re really passionate about is helping you: giving you the advice you need so you can make the best decision for yourself.

And that gets our heart rate up.

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  • Amazing customer service! Bonnie M went above and beyond to help us with home insurance. Thank you !!!

    Tammy Bailey
  • I have been dealing with Carolyn at Janzen Insurance for-the last 10 years and she has provided excellent service, always keeping me up to date with insurance changes and making sure I’m adequately covered. It’s very reassuring. Also everyone at Janzen Insurance are knowledgeable and friendly. I highly recommend this company.

    Jo Anne Vorrath
  • We do 100% of our business with Andrew Janzen and his team. They are professional, knowledgeable, responsive and always a pleasure to deal with for all of our insurance needs. I recommend all my clients looking for insurance to Janzen Insurance.

    Kim Labreche
  • I just moved to British Columbia and needed some major help getting insurance set up and importing my car from the U.S. Bonnie at the front desk was incredibly helpful, going above and beyond, and the other ladies in the office were great too. Thank you!

    Debbie Thiessen
  • We moved out of the LMD in 2016 and continue to be loyal Janzen Insurance customers. Charlene, Andrew and the Team at J.I. are personable, professional and go the extra mile to ensure that we are well looked after. We have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Gary Peters
  • The customer service over the years has been exceptional. Communication is fluid, friendly service and loads of experience in the field. In our move out of the Lower Mainland we are still using Janzen Insurance for our insurance needs. I highly recommend them, especially if you want to be treated well and with high respect.

    Wes Linde
  • I've been getting my home insurance taken care of by Janzen for 15 years since the purchase of my first home. Service has always been great and they've always found me the best deal for my home insurance needs. Once a year they'll send me an email to remind me that my insurance renewal is coming up about a month in advanced and they'll let me know if there's anything new I need to know about. Renewal is easily taken care of over the phone and the staff are great. I generally deal with Carolyn and she's super efficient, friendly and professional.

    Jen Tang
  • Compliments to Janzen Insurance for most professional and informative service at every turn. It is an absolute pleasure dealing with them and we cannot recommend them highly enough. You will be well advised to contact them for truly professional expertise regarding all your insurance needs.

    Kursan Manny
  • The Janzen Team is always willing to go the extra mile, and listen carefully to specific needs so they can advise on the right solution for our business.

    Deborah Radtke
  • Carolyn understood my requirement and was very meticulous in terms of explaining the policy details. Had a good experience purchasing a policy through Janzen Insurance.

    Jashanjot Singh Sekhon
  • We've been dealing with Janzen for a number of years. They currently supply our home/farm insurance, our business insurance, and Autoplan. The team has always been excellent. They are willing to take the time to go through our complex insurance needs with us so we understand what we're getting, which is especially important with a topic such as insurance because most of the industry uses non-understandable language and phrases! The mugs and chocolate thank-you gifts are always appreciated, too :)

    Mark Yager
  • This was our first experience working with Janzen Insurance. Charlene was knowledgeable and made sure to ask about our needs so that we our home is covered. She was quick and efficient. The bonus was that she decreased our premium while increasing our coverage! We will be switching over our auto insurances to Janzen as they come up for renewal.

    Kristin Triemstra
  • Finally found a broker who knew how to insure my fintech startup. Everyone else said that cyber is hard to find. Andrew Janzen said connected us to an underwriter who knows tech. Thanks Andrew!

    Dave Sela
  • Janzen does an excellent job with our insurance needs. As a public company offering various Cloud Services our insurance needs a very complex and continually changing. Janzen is on top of them all and they are quick to respond anytime we need anything. Highly recommended.

    Paul M.
  • We trust and value the great relationship that Andrew, Charlene & Carolyn have developed with us. We often recommend friends and family to this business. Do not hesitate to purchase insurance here!

    Sherri Froc
  • Very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Agents are quick and willing to respond to all our insurance questions and requests with knowledgeable and helpful information. I feel they are very honest and trustworthy.

    Dean Wedel
  • Janzen Insurance have provided us with personalized, efficient service for many years now. They have put a great deal of effort into finding insurance solutions that meet our family’s unique needs and are on top of renewals and adjustments to ensure our home, business and vehicles are well insured. Highly recommend this exceptional team!

    Nicola Erasmus
  • We have trusted Janzen Insurance with all of our Personal and Business insurance needs for over 15 years. They do our comercial warehouse propery insurance, Business insurance, yacht policies, home insurance and ICBC,They are extremely efficient and proactive. Can't say enough about how pleasant and easy they are to deal with. They have earned our business! Also like the fact that they are a family business.

    Ed VanOene
  • We had questions about our home and car insurance and found the agents at Janzen were very helpful and knowledgeable. They were also honest about telling us if they didn’t have exactly what we were looking for. So when we needed storage insurance for our home contents we called them again and found they offered exactly what we needed (we had spoken to many companies before them who made the quest painful!). We were happy to give them our business and definitely recommend them.

    Janet B
  • My parents have used Janzen Insurance since before it was called Janzen Insurance, and I'm happy to continue going to them for my home and auto insurance. I especially like their use of technology. I really appreciate when local businesses make it easy to access their services online.

    Arjun S. Hair
  • Charlene and her team have been terrific to deal with! They have helped us through complicated insurance coverage through our home renovation and multiple moves in one year not to mention our off again/on again insurance needs as various kids come and go throughout the year.

    Tricia Ewert
  • We have been dealing with the Janzen family for over 30 years for all our insurance needs They have always shown the highest professionalism and service. They're the best!

    Anne Wightman
  • This was my first experience with Janzen Insurance and I have to say that from the moment of my first interaction to getting to the point of finalizing my insurance details for my mom’s home, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will definitely refer all my friends and family. Thank you

    Sandip Bhatha
  • Andrew, Charlene and the team at Janzen Insurance have taken care of our entire families insurance needs for decades. They have always handled our business with the highest professionalism and competence. I would not hesitate recommending their services to anyone who wants the assurance that their best interest is being considered in all their insurance affairs.

    Cameron Biffart
  • Janzen Insurance is amazing. They go above and beyond to provide insurance services. We use them for personal and business products and could not be happier

    Ray Sawatzky
  • Janzen Insurance team take the time to understand your needs and tailor the insurance offered accordingly at a fair and competitive rate. All interactions conducted with the utmost integrity.

    Stephen Willett
  • Carolyn is always so quick and so helpful. Have been doing my insurance through them for years. Great service!

  • I've been dealing with the entire team at Janzen for years, even while working for a company with its own insurance subsidiary. They're honest, hardworking, and try to earn your business every day. They now look after my house, recreational property, and vehicle plans. Highly recommended.

    Dan Hayward
  • Fantastic and professional! They keep me updated and are quick to reply to my questions and concerns.

    A Passion For Flowers Design Studio Ltd
  • Andrew and Charlene and their team are SO great! We have used their services for both our personal insurance needs as well as our business needs too! Excellent and friendly service. Always feel taken care of. Would recommend them to anyone we know.

    Joy Kinna
  • Charlene was lovely to work with! She was responsive, answered all of my questions and was knowledgeable. Thank you :)

    Megan Bolton
  • When Janzen Insurance started I was very happy to carry my business over to the new start-up after years of excellent, professional, and very attentive service, which, if anything, has only improved with their new location.

    Robert Brynjolfson
  • Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics has been with Janzen Insurance for over 20 years both for business and personal Insurance. They always have your back. I never have to worry, as they are always on top of this ever changing landscape, always looking out for me.

    Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics
  • Always quick to help and they always have solid advice on all types of insurance. I have multiple types of insurance policies with Janzen insurance for my construction business and they have been reliable in finding me exactly what I need on each policy. Thanks team!

    Albert Malowany
  • Outstanding professionalism from this organization. Good solid advice offered. Great customer service.

    Marjorie Vernon
  • Andrew and his team of people offer the best service I have ever experienced as well as being conscience of costs of policies, they go the extra mile to dig hard to get the best rates for you. You will not find better service than Janzen Insurance!!! :)

    Bradley Tomchuk
  • Janzen Insurance is my go to for all of my personal needs. Plus, I am always confident to send my clients their way, as their great service and value is always received!

    Wells Macey
  • Andrew continues to deliver outstanding service and provides extensive industry knowledge for all our insurance needs - company, home and auto

    Ken Sully
  • As usual, Charlene answered and anticipated all our questions, and then diarized and followed up with us. There is nobody better!

  • I use Janzen for my home, auto and commercial insurance and absolutely love working with them. I switched from HUB a couple years ago after they bought up the local insurance company I had been using. There was no personal experience or relationship anymore. Andrew and Charlene and their team truly care about me and my company. They make sure I'm properly insured at the same or better rates than I was getting before. They take the time to meet me (pre-COVID, of course) and are always happy to see me when I stop in to see them. I had no problem re-insuring my car during COVID, they even mailed my sticker to me which was super convenient. I love feeling like a real person...and not just a transaction!! I highly recommend them!

    Chandra Blouin
  • Andrew Janzen has provided me with expert advice and top notch service for over 25 years.

    Ed Holden
  • You could not find better people. They are excellent communicators and know their business extremely well. They always go the extra mile, so don't bother going anywhere else.

    Max Hall
  • Excellent customer service with professional, knowledgeable and friendly staff! All our insurance - commercial and personal - is through these guys. Highly recommend to anyone looking for insurance broker.

    Akane Awazu-Ayres
  • The company that was insuring our our home and B&B business decided they were no longer going to do that type of coverage. I spoke with Janzen and explained the situation and they are very efficient and prompt in finding coverage from two other sources, one of which I chose. I found Janzen to be easy to deal with, pleasant and courteous and would highly recommend them.

    David Webb
  • We have been dealing with Janzen Insurance for close to 10 years. We can truly say, without hesitation, that during that time we have never encountered a negative experience. One example of their customer service orientation is we, unfortunately, had a water line leakage in our home. They immediately arranged for a restoration company at our home within hours. They followed up with us to make sure that they had arrived and immediately started arrangements for the claim process with the insurance company. Janzen staff looked after everything for us.

    George C.
  • Great service and advice on renewing commercial policy. Will definitely use in the future.

    Tom Gauntley
  • Janzen insurance was great to work with. Always quick to respond and very helpful with any questions we had. We will continue to use them for any of our needs.

    Jacqlyn Rempel
  • Our experiences with Janzen have been nothing less than pleasurable. Charlene and Andrew and the entire team are outstanding and the new office space is welcoming and tasteful. We are so happy to have Janzen provide us with our insurance needs!

    Kimm Brickman
  • Great service and knowledgeable. Thanks for all your help.

    Wendy Kaczur
  • Knowledgeable staff, easy to work with!

    Alan Sexauer
  • We have had our insurance at Janzen for over 3 years. We find the team professional, friendly and very easy to work with. They have saved us money by bundling our insurance packages and utilized the relationships they have with their providers to always provide us the best value and service. We would highly recommend using Janzen Insurance for all your insurance needs.

    Laura Kalenuik
  • Janzen has been handling my operating business, real estate, and personal insurance for several years (I'm really not certain how long it has been but more than 5 years). They are responsive, effective, and very knowledgeable. They are all I've ever wanted from an Insurance broker: 1 handed advice, Suggestions that preserve my capital, and responsive when needed. I move to Janzen based on a customers referral. Why don't you?

    Jeffrey Goldberg
  • Excellent customer service for all your insurance needs. Janzen takes the time to find the best fit for your family and business needs.

    Brad Hughes
  • Rest assured, ;if you use Janzen Insurance they will make every effort to make sure your insurance covers what you need and they will look for the best price for you.

    Helen Huffman
  • I have dealt with this family owned business for over 30 years and always receive first rate service.

    Craig Curtis
  • I have worked with Janzen Insurance for my insurance needs for many years. I’ve recommended family and clients and they don’t disappoint. Good , honest, family , people. Highly recommend!

    Rosa-Anna DeMichina
  • We have used Janzen Insurance for many years for both business and personal insurance and are always pleased with their attention to detail and the service we receive - we most definitely would recommend using them for your insurance needs.

    Lindan Homes Ltd.
  • I use Janzen Insurance for both home and business insurance. They are always on top of anything I need and get me quotes and the best price possible on everything for me. Would recommend to anyone!!

    Chris Ryskamp
  • As first time home owners we had lots of questions and Charlene was fantastic. She was so helpful throughout the entire process!

    K N
  • Excellent experience, would recommend to friends and family. I will continue using Janzen Insurance for my home

    Thomas Landon
  • Always appreciate the good service and advice!

    Steve Klassen
  • Great fast friendly service.

    Navjot Sihota
  • Extremely efficient and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks to the Janzen team !!

    Neil Kursan
  • Excellent customer service, reasonable rates and all of the above. I also appreciate their no pressure attitude for extras that aren't required. Very impressed and highly recommended!

    Salt Wellness
  • Having all of our Insurance policies (home, car) under one roof offers a huge peace of mind. The team at Janzen Insurance are professional and always ensure that our insurance needs are met.

    Katja Raps
  • great team , very knowledgable

    Ceara Cook
  • Always very helpful and knowledgeable! A pleasure to do Business there

    Gerald Biffart
  • Amazing client service and very prompt with all the commercial insurance needs for my business. Thank you Andrew and Team!

    Andrew Pavlik
  • Excellent service and advice for both home and car insurance.

    Liz Kuntz
  • Have provided our family insurance services for a few years now. They always follow-up to ensure we meet deadlines and provide great advice.

    Scott Brown
  • Great people to deal with very helpful and knowledgeable of there products Thanks so much in helping us out with our new purchase

    Ed Dyck
  • Provided cost saving options for car insurance renewal without me asking. Well done!

    Phil Antosh
  • All dealings have been so professional during the years we have been using Janzen Insurance. we highly recommend them.

    Dick Glassford
  • I recently switched to Janzen insurance and am glad I did, they were able to clearly lay out my options and help me decide on the best coverage for my needs. Prompt and Responsive

    Jason Ratzlaff
  • Excellent service combined with experienced advice make Janzen our choice for years and years now. During that time they've helped us through a variety of complex situations, with every outcome working out very well for thus. Thanks Andrew and Charlene and your team!

    Dale Lutz
  • I have used Janzen Insurance for years both for business and personal insurance I find them helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and on the ball with whatever request I may make.

    Cliff Jewell
  • Every little detail always taken care of. Excellent service on all our policies, thank you, Janzen Insurance!

    Michelle Biffart
  • Janzen Insurance is always there to support me with a quick response to every request. I really appreciate their patience and quality products.

    Karis Gilleran
  • Always a pleasure to deal with. They answer all my questions and I feel very taken care of.

    Kevin Billingsley
  • Excellent customer service and very friendly, knowledgeable staff.

    Derrick Sims
  • We had a very pleasant and helpful experience with the agent/s and they worked very well reviewing our needs trying to get the best plan and deal for us.

    Jal Wadia
  • Very professional services and knowledge people. We enjoy working with them both at the professional levels for our client and some of our personal coverage as well.

  • Janzen always takes care of all our insurance needs promptly and precisely. We highly recommend them!

    Dell Anno Canada
  • These guys are the best. Professional, competitive rates and always respond fast !

    Coast Rider SCC
  • Janzen Insurance always goes above and beyond. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and has the expertise to handle my, and my clients, complex insurance requests.

    Steve Corpo
  • Always a pleasure to deal with Janzen Insurance!

    Martina Rempel
  • Andrew and his team are extremely good at what they do!! They look after all my vehicle and home insurance with amazing service and professionalism!

    Paul Sanderson
  • Over the years of growing our business Andrew Janzen and his team have been excellant in all regards. We trust them with everything Insurance ... business and personal. Best professional service ever!

    John Duffield
  • We found them to friendly and professional. They answered all our questions and felt very comfortable dealing with them. Glad we made the move to Jansen Insurance.

    Lynn Neff
  • The owners of and staff at Janzen Insurance are helpful, professional and always a pleasure to deal with. I would recommend their services to anyone.

    Gail Odorico
  • This was our first time dealing with Janzen Insurance in South Surrey and it was a great experience. They were very knowledgable and made sure our policy was meeting all of our needs. I certainly recommend them.

    Patricia Dick
  • I enjoy doing business with Janzen Insurance for over a decade.

    Gord Bylo
  • Friendly, honest and always ready to help and share their knowledge

    Terry Ross
  • we have been using this company for many years and they have always taken care of us. I appreciate their reminder system and know we are in very good hands with Janzen

    Lisa Greene
  • Excellent service, very responsive, professional and really nice people. Thank you!

    Arthur Tymos
  • Thank you for all of your assistance with our insurance needs. We very much appreciated your quick response to our inquiry and your advice on what would best meet our needs.

    Jodi Goodrick
  • I have dealt with Janzen insurance since their beginning and have always been completely satisfied , Thank You

    Roderick Goodchild
  • Very helpful and Knowledgeable People. Highly Recommend For all Insurance needs

    Mark Goody
  • Always so knowledgeable and great attention to details. Very integral company!

    Karla Leighton
  • Very helpful whenever I call or drop into the office, girls so nice and immediately helpful with my questions.

    Barb Smith
  • Great service. Family run business. Always willing to help.

    Camille Charron
  • Great service for all of my insurance needs.

    Sean Holmes
  • The Janzen Team is always willing to go the extra mile, and listen carefully to specific needs so they can advise on the right solution for our business.

    Roger Milford
  • Really grateful for the excellent coverage for personal and business needs, and the outstanding customer service! The Janzen team goes the distance to ensure every base is covered when it comes to product and pricing! Will definitely be telling family, friends and colleagues that Janzen Insurance should be considered for all their insurance needs.

    Doris Olafsen
  • Helpful, quick to answer questions and easy to deal with!

    Jodi Neufeld
  • great service!

    Judy Reid
  • Wonderful, knowledgeable staff. Very helpful in deciding what insurance is right for me. Highly recommend them!

    Irene Scott
  • Andrew is very knowledgeable and is always ready to help get the best and appropriate insurance coverage.

    Fred & Andrea Redekop
  • Good service. Prompt. Reliable. When my condo insurance doubled, Janzen shopped the market and found good coverage at a lower rate.

    Philip Jones
  • I've trust Janzen Insurance for all my insurance needs. Been a happy customer for many years! They're very knowledgeable and have always been very helpful in determining the best policy for me. Highly recommended!

    Ryan MacDonald
  • They have always been prompt and friendly with their service and they are knowlegeable about insurance isues.

    Drew Gauntley
  • Great service!

    Kevin Reimer
  • Always friendly and professional business practices.

    Dennis Neufeld
  • We have had excellent service for years now.

    Robert Neville
  • They are informative and attentive to our insurance needs. We would definitely recommend them.

    Sheollagh Fitzgerald
  • Great service personalized to my family’s needs and fantastic people who go above and beyond for their clients. I highly recommend Janzen Insurance.

    Allyn Whyte
  • Always responsive and a genuine pleasure to do business with.

    Richard Friesen
  • Janzen Insurance always provides professional advice and responsive service for home and auto insurance needs.

    Bob Orr
  • Always friendly prompt service and they know and remember my file and business excellently.

    Karen James

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