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We want to help you achieve your professional and personal goals, and with over 25 years of insurance experience, we know that accomplishing your goals starts with protecting yourself and becoming educated in the risks associated to your business. 

Your business deserves insurance you can trust, and at Janzen, we represent the largest international, national, and regional insurers, as well as multiple niche providers. 

Did you know you can now renew your ICBC insurance online? It’s quick, it’s simple and it’s convenient.

For each driver on the policy, you’ll need to provide a valid B.C. driver’s license number as well as their date of birth. You’ll also need to send a photo of your vehicle’s odometer. Ready to get started?

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British Columbia is home to some stunning scenery. There are few better ways to discover the beauty of our province than sitting on a motorcycle.

Just like any other motorist on the road, bikers are required by law to be insured. The minimum required insurance is ICBC’s Basic Autoplan but you can get more comprehensive coverage and experienced motorcyclists can benefit with premium discounts based on their years at the handlebar and driving record.

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Dirt bikes, ATVs, quads, snowmobiles…any motorized vehicle that you drive on public roads needs to be insured with at minimum ICBC’s Basic Autoplan. Once you take those vehicles off the road, though, that's where things get a little trickier.

With the various plans we have available, you can get the insurance you need to take your off-road vehicle…off the main road.

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For companies that own (or lease) five or more vehicles, insuring each vehicle individually could be quite costly. That’s why there’s fleet insurance, providing individuals and businesses with significantly higher discounts on their premiums (up to 63% off the base rate).

Managing insurance for a fleet can be complicated. At Janzen Insurance, we’re here to help you by:

  • Analyzing your coverage, making sure you're getting the right insurance for your needs
  • Reviewing your deductibles so you’re maximizing your savings every year
  • Documenting and tracking all the vehicles under your policy
  • Providing support and guidance in the event of a claim

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Partnering with Janzen to protect the future of poultry farming.

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