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We want to help you achieve your professional and personal goals, and with over 25 years of insurance experience, we know that accomplishing your goals starts with protecting yourself and becoming educated in the risks associated to your business. 

Your business deserves insurance you can trust, and at Janzen, we represent the largest international, national, and regional insurers, as well as multiple niche providers. 

Downtime costs money, and we understand that when your property- commercial building, inventory, tools- is damaged, you need to restore normal operations as soon as possible. 

At Janzen, we provide comprehensive and customized insurance packages for independent contractors, general contractors, large-scale construction projects, construction firms, and more. 

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Do you offer consulting services? More and more businesses are choosing to purchase liability insurance for professionals, directors, and officers.

Ask us why professional liability insurance might be right for you.

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Processing a claim takes time, and with realty insurance, you can protect your business and your cash flow if there is any business interruption. 

Talk to us about realty insurance and learn how you can protect your business and yourself after a claim. 

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As both business owners and insurance professionals, we are uniquely positioned to understand your concerns and identify risks.

With the rise of cybercrime, hacking, and computer theft, it can be difficult to know what insurance you need to protect yourself. We can help. 

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Farming is a risky and messy venture, and for over 25 years we have been providing farmers with competitively priced protection for your home, farm buildings, livestock, and equipment.

Together, we can prepare, and protect, both your property and your livelihood.

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We understand risks associated with the manufacturing sector and know how equipment failure, product recall, and more can cost you.

We’ve been working with manufacturers for years, and with access to industry-leading insurers, we’ve got you covered. Talk to us about what can happen if your products fail to perform as intended, how insurance normally responds, and what we can ofter. 

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Whether you are a start-up company working out of your garage, an independent contractor, or a growing business, you need the proper insurance for your venture.

At Janzen, we can safeguard your home-based business with cost-efficient coverage that protects your business from fire, theft, property and equipment damage, business interruption, and more.

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From personal to business insurance, the Van Oeones choose Janzen.

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