Bordercreek Farms is one of the most technologically advanced poultry farms in the Fraser Valley, operating on 28 acres of land in Aldergrove with over 140,000 chicken broilers and 26,000 chicken layer hens. Derek Janzen, owner, operator, and manager of Bordercreek Farms, has spent a lifetime investing in poultry farming and takes no risks when it comes to protecting the future of farming. 

As a second generation farmer, Derek has seen his fair share of industry ups and downs and knows how one mishap or mistake can lead to loss and put the farm at risk, especially in today’s climate. But farming is in Derek’s blood— he was raised on a farm, started working for Pollon Group’s Western Hatchery as soon as he was old enough to work, and when the time came, he decided to purchase a farm of his own. Returning to his roots was a natural and easy choice for Derek, who remains committed to the prosperity of his farm and the entire poultry industry. 

Over the years poultry insurance has become highly specialized due to livestock losses, electrical power interruption, mechanical breakdown, and heat, which leaves farmers like Derek in need of a partner who understands these risks. For Bordercreek Farms, this partner has been Andrew Janzen.  

Now you might think it was a shared surname that drew Derek Janzen to Janzen Insurance, but there is no relation. It was, instead, Janzen Insurance’s strong reputation within the Fraser Valley farming community that motivated Derek to trust Janzen with his livelihood back in 1998:

“It’s a huge relief to work with someone who knows your industry as well as you do. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable about poultry farming and is always asking questions and coming out to the farm. He stays on top of all the changes we make around here.” 


It’s a huge relief to work with someone who knows your industry as well as you do.

Derek and Andrew started working together in 1995, and for more than 20 years, Derek has been supported, protected, and insured by Janzen Insurance, both personally and professionally. When asked about their long-standing relationship, Derek believes it’s not only the knowledge and experience of the people who work for Janzen Insurance, but the personal touches they add that makes their partnership so successful. “The service Janzen Insurance provides is excellent. We are long standing happy clients and know our farm and future are safe in Janzen’s hands.” 


Bordercreek Farms has a well-deserved reputation as a technologically advanced poultry operation, setting an example for what the future of farming looks like. Derek installed a Fancom computer system which continuously monitors and adjusts the internal and external environment of each barn, measures feed and water intake, and tracks bird weights in the broiler farm. This investment in technology is not only about efficiency— it’s about insurance and protecting the future of Bordercreek. 

After consulting Andrew about risk management and the challenges of insuring a poultry farm, Derek invested heavily in specialized automatic backup generators, alarms, and heat and power sensors. By implementing these systems and ensuring that the barn environment is tightly maintained, Bordercreek can manage their risk and decrease the likelihood of a loss. However, if they ever experience a loss and need to make a claim, Derek is confident that Janzen will take care of them.

I am extremely comfortable dealing with the team at Janzen Insurance.

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“I am extremely comfortable dealing with the team at Janzen Insurance. We are fortunate in that we have not had to go through a claim, but having said that, I’m confident that if we ever have to, we will be well looked after. I know of others in our industry who have had great service from Janzen when going through a claim.” 

No matter what comes, Derek is confident that the robust coverage provided by Andrew and the team at Janzen Insurance will ensure the continued protection and success of Bordercreek Farms. 

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